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Virginia chapter of Social Enterprise Alliance under formation

Posted by Conaway Haskins on Mar 07, 2017

A group of social entrepreneurs from Virginia has moved closed to forming a statewide chapter of the Social Enterprise Alliance (SEA), a leading champion and key catalyst for the development of the social enterprise sector in the United States. The group has completed the chapter formation process and assembled a leadership team.

The initial steps toward chapter formation are conducting a statewide Market Planning Study as directed by SEA. The outcome of the study will be a consensus and a plan for how to best to grow the social enterprise sector in Virginia.

According to Rob Martin of United Virginia, “Bill Weber a retired planning executive at DuPont and Angela Kellam the CEO of the Planning Council in Hampton Roads will be leading the study. They will be supported by Joe Alexander the Chief Creative Officer of The Martin Agency and other SEA members - and also community members - who choose to join the planning effort." 

The chapter’s planning efforts will be rooted in SEA's national mission of growing the social enterprise sector and by its definition of social enterprise. Activities of the chapter will be based out of Virginia Union University with partnerships expected across the region and state. Says Martin, “The chapter leader is Charlene Fox a management consultant and member of the Soul-Ice Foundation board.”

Interested individuals can reach Fox via email with inquiries about the chapter's collective work building the social enterprise sector in Virginia at

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