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Virginia's Workforce Development Boards now in SourceLink Virginia

by Conaway Haskins | Apr 20, 2017

Across the Commonwealth, Workforce Development Boards direct federal, state, and local funding to workforce development programs and oversee Employment Centers, where job seekers can get employment information, find out about career development training opportunities and connect to various programs in their area. In the Commonwealth, the Virginia Board for Workforce Development (aka Elevate Virginia) has created and/or manages a set of state and local public-private partnerships designed to create a network of high quality, agile, and responsive workforce development programs for businesses and workers.  

According to its website, Elevate Virginia “focuses state and local leadership on regional labor demands and then engages the training capacity of school divisions, community collegesworkforce investment boards (WIBS), the Virginia Employment Commission (VEC),one stop career centers, job developers, career coaches, community based organizations and a broad spectrum of supportive services to get Virginia’s citizens prepared for high-skilled, high-wage jobs.”

While the programs targeting workers – incumbent, displaced, and youth – are somewhat well-known, business are often less aware of the services made available to them. Efforts are underway to increase the knowledge of such activities.

To find a Workforce Development Board in your region, click here, or you can now search for them in the SourceLink Virginia Resource Navigator