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SourceLink Virginia featured in new “Beyond Collisions” entrepreneurship book

by Conaway Haskins | Mar 01, 2018

SourceLink (formerly US SourceLink) has published a new book that captures its 15-year history of developing methodologies that communities have used to connect and support entrepreneurial development systems. The publication - Beyond Collisions: How to Build Your Entrepreneurial Infrastructure – serves as a field guide for municipalities, regions and states who want to empower and retain startups and small businesses. 
Here’s what the team at SourceLink has to say: 

Beyond Collisions covers everything from the basics of entrepreneurial infrastructure to actionable strategies to empower and retain entrepreneurs in local communities. Besides our own actionable steps and strategies, we share stories from the field, firsthand accounts of building networks, encouraging entrepreneurs and understanding outcomes. At the very core of Beyond Collisions, we answer these key questions:

+ Why does entrepreneurship matter?
+ What is an entrepreneurial infrastructure?
+ Who are these entrepreneurs that need help?

Among the case studies are stories from the SourceLink Virginia experience. The website has developed a number of best-practices based upon its work in and around the Commonwealth. 

Beyond Collisions lays out four key steps to building entrepreneurial infrastructure and how to support and encourage entrepreneurs. It reflects the SourceLink model of identify resources that support entrepreneurs, connecting entrepreneurs to those resources, empowering the entrepreneurial network and measuring results. The book also shares insights about marketing, funding and leadership of ecosystem development efforts, and it includes a helpful vocabulary guide to the jargon employed in the entrepreneurship support universe.

For most perspective on the book from the SourceLink team, go to: